We are a bedroom brand that helps you sleep at night

Earthen Warrior specializes in luxurious sleep masks and animal motif loungewear. 

Earthen Warrior specializes in luxurious sleep masks and animal motif loungewear. 

Our Mission

Is to help people sleep at night, with a lighter conscience. We make the most luxurious and most affordable sleep mask on the market. Animals are our muses and habitats our teachers. The earth supports us and we want to give back. Earthen Warrior aims to help you sleep at night, in every meaning of the phrase. We use recycled textiles, ethical manufacturing, natural dyes, organic and low-impact textiles, and educational animal motifs. Sleep in peace.

Our Founder

Hi! I'm Susanna and I started Earthen Warrior as a line of sleep masks, always with plans to branch into other bedroom garments and products, when I could get more hands on deck. 

I have a BA in Environmental Studies and a Fashion Design degree from Parsons. I did my undergrad thesis on Ecofashion, studied "How Colors are Made" in the Brazilian Amazon during my study abroad, and interned for several ecofashion brands in NYC after college. I've also worked in NYC as a fashion stylist for magazines, music videos and ads, as a seamstress making garments for the runway, as a tailor, as a designer and fabricator of repurposed garments for Bib + Tuck and as an interior designer. You can learn more about the work I've done and the great people I've worked with at my personal website/portfolio. 

I've been collecting ideas, knowledge and inspiration about fashion since before I put on my first backyard runway show using the "dress-up bin" and found objects at age 7. And I've been in awe of the natural world since a childhood in Vermont showed me stark seasons and a natural world that I did not see as separate from my own. As my mother told me once, earth is our very own "Eden"; all we need is here, but only if we appreciate and protect what we've been given. 

What we're about:

  • Luxurious materials
  • Animals
  • Hand embroidery
  • Silk Screening
  • US made
  • Repurposed Materials
  • Sleep as medicine
  • Transparent supply chain and production. 
  • Natural dyes
  • Ayurvastra
  • Partnership with environmental organizations
  • Educational outreach