Sleep is the cornerstone of health, vitality and well-being.

Marilyn Monroe by Doug Kirkland


Adequate sleep (about 8 hours/night):

improves memory//reduces inflammation//can reorganize and restructure memories resulting in increased creativity and productivity//drastically improves athletic performance//improves learning and academic and work performance//improves concentration//balances appetite and aids weight loss//lowers stress levels, and improves blood pressure and overall heart health//can curb depression and anxiety........


PERFECTION!!!!! absolutely beautiful and so well made. Excellent seller, great communication, and worked with me to add the eyes that make this the perfect replica of Holly Golightly’s mask.
— Elizabeth, Monrovia, CA
Exactly what I had been looking for for years! Excellent quality and excellent shipping. Will definitely order from here again.
— Minerva
Love it! Cured my insomnia!

This is the third eye mask I have bought from this seller. They are wonderful!! Very soft and comfortable and doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything when you are sleeping. This little mask has fixed my insomnia and this is why I had to have three on hand! I always want to have an extra on hand in case one is misplaced.
— Suzanne, San Rafael, CA
Arrived on time, used it that night and every night since. I live in NYC where it’s loud and bright; this makes sleeping (especially late) a pleasure.
— Ben, Brooklyn, NY
This sleep mask is so comfortable and the creative details make it one of a kind
— D. Jayanty, TX